Application Services

Sibisoft’s application services is aimed to address business challenges and devise a comprehensive framework for delivering solutions that endure business value and provide advanced levels of client flexibility, agility and cost efficiency. Sibisoft’s facilitation of emerging technologies and a team of innovative professionals provide next-generation application services to maintain legacy infrastructures. By integrating cloud and mobility we deliver application services and leveraging solutions across a multitude of platforms and technologies.

Our foremost focus is towards empowering our clients with a broad spectrum of solutions that ensure reliability, scalability & interoperability regardless of the size of the enterprise. Enterprises gain a competitive edge because of unparalleled customized application development, highly effective application maintenance & user support, high performance hardware, advanced security services and accessibility & recovery services. Our capabilities are in:

  • Open source software integration
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Service Integration
  • PHP Migration & Design Integration
  • PHP Development Solutions
  • E-Commerce & Learning Management Systems
  • CMS Development Solutions
  • Maintenance, Support & Testing

Open Source Software

Open source software’s have been the essential in creating customized products for clients around the globe, it enables an economical approach towards creating sophisticated, flexible software application solutions with an open business model.

The Sibisoft’s team has incorporated the latest technological innovations to support open source software customization, which align business strategy and information technology competencies to cater to future industry requirements. Our core competencies revolve around PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache platforms, providing dedicated and secure web applications.

Data & Workflow Management Software

In today’s fast paced technological era, the management and storage of information is an integral part of business processes for the enterprise to be successful in achieving its long term strategic objectives. Sibisoft lays the power of high value, relevant data into the hands of businesses to cope up with a dynamic environment, while gaining maximum exposure of emerging technologies and coordinating with professionals and business processes. Data management nowadays is a corporate asset, it is essential in devising prospective strategies and evaluating future expansion plans.

Sibisoft delivers significant data management solutions through a pipeline which empowers business to formulate business decisions in minutes. Data management services can be managed utilizing a business’s own data center or can be offered cloud services, sibisoft offers a plethora of data management services to its clients

  • Data Integration & Migration
  • Data Architecture & Analytics
  • Data Governance & Quality
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Data Management Consulting

Workflow Management

Workflow management allows the control and automation of business processes, performance and monitoring. Sibisoft’s workflow management software provides extended monitoring and reporting functionality and complete enterprise application integration which is beneficial for firms to allocate tasks and resources to the right person for the job. The main focus of providing clients with workflow management systems in cloud computing environments is to manage the effective execution of application processes in a timely and efficient manner, which will in return save costs and provide maintain quality of service. Sibisoft’s workflow management systems provides functionality for various progressions using open source technologies such as Java, PHP, MySQL & Tomcat etc.