Product Development

At Sibisoft, we are the pioneers of designing concepts for development and are well-versed with the challenges faced with the development of new products. Before starting a new venture, a rigorous process of development requisites is performed. From initial R&D, product planning, preliminary designing, core engineering and support, Sibisoft’s main advantage are providing end-to-end development solutions for all needs. Our product design and development team comprises of highly qualified and experienced individuals who aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We Offer

  • Product Design
  • Development of Product Model
  • Business Analysis
  • Market testing
  • Product Enhancements

Some of the many advantages associated with hiring the assistance of our design experts:
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Independent and Individualized QA & Testing
  • Innovation
  • Greater ROI
  • Intellectual Property Safety & Protection

Product Re Engineering Migration

With extensive experience in the industry, Sibisoft provides high performance and cost effective Product Re-engineering and Migration services. Our reengineering & migration services include:

  • Technology migration Services
  • Product Re-engineering Services
  • Operating System migration.

Based on the need analysis, we reevaluate customer requirements and devise a product roadmap, enterprise architecture and develop it using innovative technologies. From product module and design to code generation, testing and deployment – Sibisoft does it all. To ensure product quality, our team assists clients in migrating their obsolete applications and modifying them with the latest ones.

Sibisoft offers highly sophisticated re-engineering, architecture once comprehensive evaluation of latest technologies has been achieved. We consolidate our development process with better tools and knowledge to re-engineer your existing products.

Product Maintenance and Support

Sibisoft offers round the clock maintenance and pertinent support to its clients. We aim to achieve maximum cost-reduction, quality assurance, and adhere to strict deadlines.

Our Maintenance & Support service includes:

  • Version Upgrades
  • Version Enhancements
  • Comprehensive User Support
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Documentation Development and Maintenance

Our team is skilled in detecting, rectifying, and improving the development and testing flaws within systems, regardless of how major or minor they may be.

We offer technical support for your operations, including software installation, commissioning, hardware/software troubleshooting, diagnoses, user support and efficient resolution of the issue.

Product QA & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing form the basis of successful product development. We at Sibisoft firmly believe that effective and budget-friendly product development projects greatly depend on product QA and Testing. With a skilled Quality Assurance & testing team, Sibisoft manages to deliver quality, reliability, and robust products to its clients each time.

Our QA Services bind to the highest level of security practices. Our QA and Testing team takes complete responsibility for checking the functionality and performance of the product. We carry out stringent quality check and testing for UI/UX, Mobile, Web, SOA Testing etc.

Our team offers:

  • Detection of bugs and failures in the product
  • Minimizing development cost and time
  • Delivering superior quality product
  • Complete Product Testing
  • Performance & Core Testing
  • Consultation