Software Development

With an extremely dynamic environment, corporations are racing to cope up with the countless advancements in technology to increase online business profitability.

  • Idea Conceptualization
  • Software-Based Solutions
  • Application Development
  • Implementation (Coding)
  • Quality Analysis & Software Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance

Software Formulation

Our software development professionals have the capability to support provisions for various requirement such as:

  • Database Management and Security
  • Concept Development Ideation
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Software Engineering Design and Development
  • 3rd Party Software Consolidation
  • Deployment Processes
  • Upgrade Processes

Software Re-engineering

We specialize in incorporating the required changes within our software so as to help our clients experience the best from paradigms including SaaS, Cloud and Mobility. Our re-engineering experts offer:

  • User Interface Modernization
  • Software Security Enforcement
  • Platform Modernization
  • Product Engineering
  • Location Updating
  • Software Performance Upgrading

Quality Assurance and Testing

It is our main aim to strive relentlessly to provide top notch Quality Assurance and Testing services. We perform in-depth software analysis by implementing automated methods and tools to enhance performance and exceed our clients expectations. Our Quality Assurance services include:

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Tests
  • Periodic Status Reporting
  • Regression Tests
  • Test Automation

Maintenance and Support

Software maintenance is the key element to ensure smooth operating functionality and efficiency of the software. The Software Maintenance and Support team at Sibisoft comprises of skilled professionals offering:

  • Product support and compatibility
  • Software Maintenance & Support Services
  • Software Integration & Migration Services
  • Enhancement & upgrading services
  • Product Documentation & Technical Papers

Cloud Computing

Information Technology business is tapping into the new world of cloud computing to enable access to a variety of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services which provide clients with agility, security and flexibility that can be provisioned and released with minimum management effort. Cloud Computing Adoption processes include the selection of the correct SaaS solutions, development, technology, tools and strategies and the target audience. Sibisoft is proud to have deployed and managed countless unsurpassed cloud-based operations.

Cloud Assessment & Strategy

Sibisoft has redefined cloud computing and is designed to help organizations speed up the response to the challenges of information technology. Sibisoft’s cloud assessment and strategy are ideal for achieving business objectives, identifying crucial gaps in the virtualization. Our comprehensive strategic planning, fundamentally comprises of assessing compatible technology platforms based on your needs and requirements, ensuring security, product scalability, optimal performance, and convenient access for cloud computing infrastructure

Migration & Development solutions

Our cloud consultants offer in-depth analysis of the possibilities that emerge when legacy systems and cloud solutions mesh. From customized and hybrid cloud solutions to a fully virtualized data center, we have a clear vision of the digital future taking advantage of the growing number of public and private platforms-as-a-service for cloud transitioning procedures. Our secure cloud solutions for e-businesses follow strategic procedure comprising of design, development, testing, and implementation of your custom SaaS solution on cloud platforms.